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Mom of 3 boys, Registered Nurse,

Family Nurse Practitioner student

"I love this versatile pan! It is such a quick and easy way to make healthy, homemade granola bars with my kids!! My favorite part is that I can make keto-friendly, gluten-free or any allergen-free granola bars that I want and no longer need to pay the astronomical prices for those specialty bars in the grocery stores. Win win!"

Hayley Madler

Mom of 3 kids, Yoga Instructor

“The Granola Bar™ Pan is a MUST HAVE for every kitchen! If you bake, you NEED the Granola Bar™ Pan! Perfect granola bar shape, the bars pop right out of the silicone mold without needing cooking spray, and the recipes are delicious!”

Amy van den Eikhof

Mia to 2 grandkids, lifelong passion for cooking/baking for family & friends

“I am obsessed with my Granola Bar™ Pan - SO easy to use and washes up so nicely. I love the fun of choosing a recipe each week for my husband and I and we definitely have our opinions on which one is our favorite!! Every morning our go to breakfast is now a healthy homemade granola bar!!! Less sugar (if at all) - no preservatives and lots of nutty yuminess!!” 

New Mom, College Professor

"I try to only give my baby organic foods, but I never thought to make my own granola bars because it sounded too fussy. But I was shocked at how easy it was to make my own completely organic bars. I whipped up one batch using what I already had in the pantry after dinner and baked it while baby was in the bath! I loved that I could control what went in it--omitting honey for babies under one, adding an egg for more protein, using all organic ingredients. They were so yummy my husband ate some for dessert while they were still warm and my baby gobbled them up for breakfast the next day. Cleaning up was just as easy as Catrina said. I was super lazy so I left the pan overnight and handwashed it in the morning. I just pushed in the corners of each cavity to get the whole pan extra clean and let it drip dry in the dishwasher. The pan never made it onto its hook...because I made a different bar after lunch!"

Carrol Anderson

Aimee Little

Cindy McCauley

Mom of 5 kids, Photographer

"I LOVE the Granola Bar Pan! I’ve completely lost track of how many times I’ve used it - it’s so amazing and easy to use! From yummy healthy snacks to baking individual treats, we have used this pan SO much! "

Filling: Visible Fill Guide Lines

Fill guide lines show how much mix is in each cavity.  As a result...

-  Easier to see there is the same amount of mix in each cavity

-  Bars are the same size and bake evenly

-  Bars have more accurate amount of calories in each

Removing: The Bars Release Easily

Silicone is naturally non-stick so the bars pop right out after cooled completely.

-  Don't need to spray with non-stick spray

-  Don't need paper or wax liners

-  Made of 100% FDA approved Food-Grade silicone with absolutely NO fillers

Cleaning: Easy To Clean & Store

Surface in each cavity is buffed to a shine so it's even easier to clean

-  Hand wash with soap and warm water or

-  Rinse then place on the top rack in the dishwasher

-  Always ready for the next use

The Details

Withstands hot and cold temperatures

-  Use in the oven to bake bars 

-  Use in the refrigerator to chill bars (no-bake and fruit bars)

-  Silicone cools much faster than metal or glass pans so the bars cool faster

-  Place in the freezer to cool baked bars even faster

Baking to Cooling: From The Oven To The Freezer

No Spam. Only Granola.

Delicious, Healthy Granola Bar Recipes!

Floppy silicone is frustrating to bake with, but the GBP (bottom, right) is designed to be sturdy and flexible at the same time; thus, it is not nearly as floppy as other pans!      

How is the Granola Bar™ Pan (GBP) better than other silicone pans?

Some companies use cheap fillers instead of pure silicone in their bakeware and it is possible for those fillers to leach out into food!  We care about your health so we use 100% Pure FDA-Approved Food-Grade Silicone.  Did you know that silicon (the element) is found in granite, sand and quartz and it is the second most abundant element on the earth!?  

Some other pans are shaped like mini bread loaves, which is great for making mini bread loaves, but not for granola bars.  The GBP has individual cavities that are shaped like commercially shaped granola bars, rectangular - approximately 1.5" x 4".  The look and shape of food affects how we "taste" our food. 

The GBP has deep 1" cavities to accommodate thinner and thicker bar recipes. Some pans on the market are so shallow that only a small amount of mix fits in each cavity - bakers can only use a select few recipes versus having the flexibility the GBP offers with the deeper cavities. Make thin bars like our No Bake Peanut Butter bar recipe or bake some thick, delicious cake-like bars like our Double Chocolate Chunk recipe!

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The Granola Bar™ Pan idea was born years ago and now that her kids are a little older, she decided to bake the idea until it's golden brown.

When she's not developing new granola bar recipes, she loves relaxing with her family (on the beach if possible), being silly with her boys, and sewing.

She grew up in a small town in California with quick access to salty, fresh air. Catrina currently resides with her family in Arizona where the summer months are a little crispy!

She is known for always finding a way to stay positive, she strives to love others as they are and she believes that "Everything happens for a reason."

Meet Catrina,

Mom, Innovator

Launching September 3rd on Indiegogo!

We want you to enjoy the Granola Bar™ Pan too!  It is so easy and fun to make your own delicious, home made granola bars - what flavor of granola bars will you come up with next?

No Spam. Only Granola.

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